Welcome to Smoked Turkey! I know, strange name. Let me explain…

I set up this site in September 2008 in order to chronicle my four months studying at Istanbul’s Bogazici University. While there, I wrote an opinion column for the Cornell Sun and provided some further context here as well. Upon returning to the States, I continued my work for the Sun and thought it would be nice to have a central online location to organize my ‘Further Writings’ in a similar way. And so, without further hesitation…

Face to Face With the Fountain of Youth- Ever wonder what it would be like to live an extra 20 years? Well, with advances in modern medicine that day may not be so far off. This column explores the ethical side of modern medicine and questions the forethought being given to life lenghtening drugs. Read it here

American Ideals and the Death of Sports- Can the floor get any lower? A-Rod’s admission of steroid use is worse than just one player cheating the game. It is the cherry on top of decades of betrayal by players looking to get ahead in a sport that is bigger than any one person. What larger role does sport actually play in the life of its fans? Read it here

A Survivors Guide to Cornell- Getting through Cornell and coming out sane at the end may be a difficult task. This comedic column gives a few suggestions on how you may want to go about it. Read it here

Toying with a Razor: Thoughts on Going Bald- My maternal uncles and my grandfather all sport nice, shiny, bald heads. Thus, it was only a matter of time before my hair began to go as well. How does it feel? Read it here

Bring on the Intellectual Slugfest– Public figures are getting lazy, staying on message and not debating. This column discusses the need for more debate in our society. Read it here

Picturing the Recession on NYTimes.com- My photo of “Kestaneli Obama” featured on NYTimes.com. See it here

The End of My Journalism Career- Final column for the Cornell Daily Sun. Read it here


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